Extruded lightweight concrete board containing:
  portland cement ( ~ 31% by weight)
lightweight aggregates ( ~ 27% by weight)
fly ash ( ~ 13% by weight)
bottom ash ( ~ 19% by weight)
water ( ~ 8% by weight)
fibreglass mesh on board surface ( ~ 2% by weight)

And complying with the following -

  • Average Weight of 15kg/m2/12.5mm thickness & Density of 1150kg/m3

  • Passed Mechanical Test for stiffness, hard body impact, large soft body impact, door slam, crowd pressure, lightweight & heavyweight anchorage in accordance with SS492:2001 & BS 5234: Part2: 1992

  • Fire Rating of at least 1.5 hour for 100mm thick cladded wall and at least 2.5 hour for 155mm thick cladded wall in accordance with BS 476: Part22: 1987

  • Minimum Sound Acoustic value of STC 51 for 100mm thick cladded wall and STC 58 for 155mm thick cladded wall in accordance with ASTM E90 & ISO 140 Part 3

  • Heat & Rain Test for external wall usage with no visible sign of surface cracks in accordance with ASTM C1185-1996

  • Minimum average resistance to axial Withdrawal of Screws of 497 N in accordance with BS EN320:1993

  • Average Swelling in thickness, after immersion in water, is not more than 0.31% in accordance with BS EN317:1993

  • Maximum average Moisture Content of 4.48% in accordance with BS EN322:1993

  • Minimum average Impact Strength of 16mm/mm in accordance with BS5669: Part1: 1989

  • Minimum average Flexural Strength of 11.68 N/mm2 for right angles and 7.75 N/mm2 for longitudinal axis in accordance with BS EN310:1993

  • Minimum average Bonding Strength to ceramic tile of 0.15N/mm2 in accordance with SAC accredited procedure

  • The board is Non-combustible in accordance with BS476: Part4: 1970

  • Surface Spread Flame is Class 1 in accordance with BS476: Part7: 1997

  • The board is Fungal Resistant in accordance with ASTM-G21-96

  • K value for ConcritBoard at 12.5mm thickness is 0.39 m2. K/W

  • Maximum Linear Variation is 0.01% in accordance with ASTM D1037 – 96a

  • Emission Rate Tests (Green Label) in accordance with ASTM D5116 - 06

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